Translation of Website SEO

Setting up a website is only the first step. To enable your website to produce return on investment, it needs to be found by your customers. The medium, most frequently used by people to find websites are search engines such as Google. Hence the importance of having your website listed on search engines is imperative for the success of your business.


Search Engines & different Languages

Search Engines work by primarily matching the words (called keywords) that the user searched, with the words (Content) on your website. Hence if your website only features one language it may only be eligible to be found, by users searching in that language only. Think about it, did Google ever return results in a different language other than the one you typed in?
Therefore to get your website listed in the search engine results, for searches (Queries) in other languages, your site needs to include a translation in those selected languages.

The Translation Process

Translating your website is the first step, for a successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, various components including certain specific aspects of the core code also need to be translated strategically. This strengthens the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website, which coupled with other measures increases the ranking of your website in the search engine results page.
That is why here at ATCS we take meticulous attention to detail, in ensuring that your website is not only translated, but translated in the correct way, to ensure sound seo for your website, using the right key phrases in the right places and ensuring fields such as meta-tags are not overlooked.

Choosing Which Languages to Translate your Website Into

With the knowledge that there are potentially thousands of different languages to cater for, here are some top suggestions to help you shortlist & chose which languages you really want your website translated into.
If your website has been live for a while, use your Google Analytics account to see which countries are driving the most visitors to your website. Look at the top 5 countries and since these are driving most of the traffic to your website, it is very important to have your website at least translated into the languages spoken by these countries. In this way you are extending the reach of your website and can win additional market-share. If you are in the tourism or catering sector, it is highly recommended to include translations for up to, the top 10 countries visiting your website at least, as clients may come from a multitude of different locations. In this way you ensure your website is not missing out on opportunities to convert and win new clients.
Another technique you may use to help discern which languages you would like to have your site translated into, is by referring to any internal information you may have about your customers, if this is available. This can be by means of subscriptions from your website which include location information, data from your bookings, sales information, or information from internal databases that you may have. By evaluating this information and seeing which are the top countries generating leads to your business, you will be able to shortlist some of the languages you would like your website translated into. Finally always leave room to test new markets! By including additional languages you are equipping your website with the ability to target new sectors of potential customers, the sky is the limit.

Do you want to reach customers in different languages?

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